Some of our favorite places in Nosara: 

Best Coffee Options: 

Olo Alaia Surf & Brew is my favorite . Best barista in town- meet Santiago.  (Santiago is also one of the most talented artists in town- some of his paintings are displayed). Stop in for a freshly baked empanada or slice of banana cake… always a cool crowd. Robbie has the best surfboards & paraphernalia in town. And this store exudes STYLE.

GoJuice is a small trailer with Banana Coffee and amazing Acai bowls. Great way to start any day- and only a few steps from Jade.

There is an Airstream & old Bus that have been made into really interesting cafes. Stop by in the morning and grab a coffee and a pastry. They are just past the market (in Little Italy)

Restaurants around Town

La Negra  – Thursday is Macho Pollo night. Wood fired rotisserie chicken.Never tasted rotisserie chicken like this before… a lot of love goes into preparing this meal. My favorite place to grab a drink & go to a beautiful sunset. They have a local Latin band that plays great music and serves cocktails and cold beers. They serve breakfast- grab a breakfast burrito from 7 a.m.- 10 a.m.At noon the Sushi chef shows up & Im blown away at what comes out of their kitchen- beautiful sushi. It’s located about a 2 minute walk from Jade.  

Yaxa– Best kept secret is the communal table on Friday night. They have a pre-fixe dinner for 20 people only. Most sophisticated dinner conversation I’ve experienced in the jungle. The couple that caters this dinner are European and know style. They don’t miss a detail in the presentation , service, or food. Located just steps from Jade- I’d make reservations early in the week.

10 Pies– is a neighborhood favorite. Kind of “fast food” but more healthy.

Al Chile is a super casual spot to grab some authentic fresh Mexican food. It’s not in our immediate neighborhood, but is worth the short walk. Fun place to take kids & priced reasonably.

Il Basilico is on the other side of town. You need a shuttle to get there. I really love their pizza & the atmosphere. The owner is a great guy & really has created a fun place to eat. They do have live music

El Local is a farm to table restaurant- nice atmosphere & good service. They are a quick walk from Jade. I really like the menu & appreciate what the new owner has accomplished.

La Brasa Argentinian Grill- If you are looking for a great steak prepared properly. This is a beautiful space and a meat- eaters paradise. Authentic & wood fire grilled.

La Casa is one of the most chic spots in Guiones. The lounge area is perfect for live music or a dance performance. Sometimes I forget I’m in the jungle when I’m sitting there with friends. Added bonus- 2 great clothing boutiques(one for the women & one for the men) and an interior design showroom located on site. Open for lunch & dinner.


Cafe Fiore  I’d start by saying, Nikola, the owner may be the most charming, entertaining & available to guests. And then the food comes….breathtaking. The food is light and flavorful & delicious. This is true Italian trattoria cooking at its best. Homemade pastas and sauces that are explained in detail by your host.. No credit cards

Pura Pizza is an amazing pizza shop in the neighborhood. It’s a great place to grab a slice or two if you want a quick snack or meal on the run. Also a great pizza pie to bring back to Jade for dinner. They have other baked dishes, italian snacks and desserts to choose from.

The Market  your neighborhood store for all of your essentials. Italian owned & stocked with great cheese and wine. Plenty of produce, quality meats, and anything else you would probably need during your stay.  Ricardo was one of the first to develop this neighborhood. He set up the Market and really anchored the community.

Seekret Spot Gelateria  is hidden behind the market. Incredible gelato with plenty of flavors to choose from. Beware – I fell in love eating a gelato & 3 years later the memory is as strong as ever & so is the relationship.

Chocolate Dave’s  is all I know him by. His Chocolate shop is next to the Gelateria. Amazing nut based organic chocolates. Dave’s a great guy with much passion.

Coyol is the most amazing Greek restaurant with a view unlike any other. Get up there for sunset and enjoy the view. Incredible food & atmosphere – mostly ExPats as this is a challenge to find & get to (I recommend a shuttle) This is one of my favorite buildings- Timber Frame with large windows & great Black & white photographs of Costa Ricans on the walls.

La Dolce Vita is a hidden gem in the trees. Fresh pasta and a quiet atmosphere- this is not a tourist destination as you need to know where it is and have transportation. Great menu with lots of options- great dinner option.

LuvBurger– If you want to eat plant based food..this is great food & great vibe. And when I say great vibe…. I mean you could be listening to an electric sitar while you dine!

La Luna  you will definitely want a reservation for this restaurant. It’s an amazing spot to watch the sunset, and or go to enjoy amazing breakfast, coffee and an amazing view of the neighboring beach to the North Playa Pelada. Walk the beach in the morning & go for an early breakfast…incredibly romantic & quiet 

Pacifico Azul Also located right around the corner from Jade- great seafood and nice tranquil environment. ( this is one of my favorites ) And right behind Jade.

El Chivo is a Funky inspired Mexican restaurant. This is a favorite amongst the Expats and visitors.  Great live music a few nights a week. The owners Matt & Joellen know this business better than anyone else- this couple has been running some great restaurants for over a dozen years. Great Vibe…..great food. 

Rosi’s Soda Tica is the best bang for your buck. Located a couple minutes away- this is my favorite traditional restaurant. Try a casado- black beans, rice,fried plantains, salad & tortilla with an optional entree- chicken, beef, pork, fish. I love the Banana pancakes & watermelon smoothie for breakfast. I enjoy everything on the menu.

The Harmony Hotel Is a more formal dining experience with great food and service.  I tend to go for an amazing Juice bar experience- situated in a beautiful garden setting

Hotel Romantica is a European style restaurant – great food, quiet setting,handful of tables & great service. Make reservations… No Credit cards- just a few steps away.

Farmers Market is on Tuesday from 9-12.
It’s on the corner on the main road in Giones
(Make a left near La Negra and another left at the end of that street) It will be on the right a few hundred yards down.

At the end of the same street is Organico. An incredible market that has quite a bit of healthy food options. They have freshly baked muffins, empanadas and some great Vegan options too.