How do you find the right concierge for your Retreat Center in the jungle, in a “blue zone” by the side of the sea? Well- I guess I got lucky ……  hello Matty.  About 4 years, after I opened Jade Retreat I decided to spend the high season with my daughter at Jade. I ran into a friend that managed the property during the first year. I asked him to live in one of the suites around the pool as I began to build my own community during my stay in the jungle. 

During this time I started to analyze every aspect of the property. It was a very simple process. I would quietly sit in the shade and watch the housekeepers, landscapers, pool guys and anyone else that frequented the property to work. I would talk to Matty about the property and the changes he made as the garden evolved. We talked about his vision and what the property could look like. I made a lot of small changes and continued to manage what I could. 
About 4 months later , As life changes – I moved back to the states and my daughter did too…….I continued to have Matty live at the property when guests were not staying there. He managed very important tours for retreat leaders and families that wanted to stay at Jade the following season. We maintained this friendship until I came to visit a few months later. I started to talk to Matty about becoming the property manager / concierge. He took a bit of convincing. By my next visit in November he made the move and in 3 years hasn’t looked back. 
As I look around the property, I see his amazing vision and management. He has a great relationship with the staff and especially the gardener. Matty has groomed the gardener and worked alongside him as he takes on more responsibility on the property. Matty has empowered Francisco. When I FaceTime I often get to thank him for the care he takes of the garden of Eden. Francisco has taken ownership and has great pride for the work he does. 
The guests love Matty. He is available as needed & helps with all the pre-arrival details of retreats. He is quick to help with our in-house cook or transportation and excursions that need to be scheduled or changed. He is very flexible. The guests love him for all the details they see. They ask for something and he delivers. But truth be told- it’s all the things he does on the day to day that makes Jade the wonderful space that it is. He loves Jade- and it’s evident when you look around.