My mission was to get away with my two boys for Spring Break — (Max 14 and Zak 16 at the time) on an adventure we would always remember. We planned our holiday to the Nicoya Peninsula beach town of Nosara along with three other families. Nosara is located in a Blue Zone {National Geographic 5 happiest places on the planet}  and has been a surfers paradise since American expatriates discovered it in 1960s. Some of the world’s best surfers, have been coming to this area for years.

An ongoing Harvard research project, confirms what we know from blue zones:  Relationships are the key to happier and healthier lives. Why is Costa Rica one of the happiest, healthiest places on the earth?  “This is a place where religion, family, and social interaction are the main values, unlike trying to get ahead, or financial security, or status. Their cities are set up so they’re bumping into each other all day long. They walk to the markets, where they have conversations with people.” — New York Times best-selling author Dan Buettner. 

The energy of Nosara is magical — our days were filled with quad rides, zip lines, horse back riding, surfing lessons, jungle walks, incredible food and spending time relaxing at Jade with our friends. I love that all of the kids found their way into the village to buy a smoothie, or coconut from the locals.

Working out while I am away from home is always a priority. Our custom itinerary was complete with daily workouts and wellness in mind. Long walks at sunset, foundational training, tennis and pilates, fresh coconuts courtside, turmeric tea, plus private chefs. As they say in meditation, when the thoughts & distractions come in, begin again. “Changing places, changing time, changing thoughts, changing future.” -Peggy Guggenhem

My youngest wrote a paper upon his return of how Costa Rica changed his life. Life changes on a dime — this journey changed our lives forever.  Here is to a new beginning…