We have the most amazing neighbors in Nosara, Costa Rica. This past season a new chic boutique hotel opened up. Incredible , beautiful property. Old meets new …..  charm & sophisticated. Yaxa is a great new addition to our neighborhood. 

But what Lisa & Luca have done is so much more than bringing a beautiful new hotel to town. What you see when you walk onto the property – is a long communal table that 20+ people can comfortably sit around. What’s really cool is the kitchen that sits centered along the dining table. The kitchen is a food trailer/ truck …. very efficient – very hip. The kitchen next to the table delivers the most amazing food – immediately.  So, while we were in town at the end of January – we happened to be there for the inaugural dinner. The menu was amazing – the service was precise. 

But what really hit me – the sophisticated international crowd  that found their way there to fill the coveted 20 seats available. It’s amazing how much Nosara has changed from an old surfer’s town with rustic inexpensive motel like rooms to  a community of people from all over the world. One of the local school boasts students representing 26 countries. Many families have bought homes up in the hills & plan to live locally & work virtually from all over the planet. Some families choose to stay for a few years while their kids are young – before moving on to another place of interest on the planet. The world has changed. Lisa is from southern France…. Luca is from Italy. They both bring so much to the kitchen. Luca an amazing chef with his roots in Italy- Lisa an amazing chef with her roots in France with a strong influence of North Africa. Recently – Lisa has started cooking for takeout. Pictures are amazing. I can’t wait to get back to Nosara – I think her kitchen is the “go to” ….  daily variety- can’t be matched.