Yoga Retreat: November 9 – 16th

Sun, Moon & Stars Retreat with Geo Yoga. Let go of the myriad distractions of normal daily life, and practice mindful awareness through daily yoga, meditation and breath work. Sign up today. 

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Surfers Journey Retreat

The Surfer’s Journey Retreat: From Burnout to Transformational Hero: June 8th – 15th 

If you’re burned out and tired of living on the Island of Same, then it’s time to answer the call you’ve ignored for too long and leave the world you know. Join Dr. Don Kennedy on a one week mythological immersion to rediscover what you are and what you were meant to bring to this world.  

In this program, author, physician and leadership professor Dr. Don Kennedy uses Costa Rica as a backdrop to mentor the student on an inward journey to learn through experience, the ten research-based surfing principles that teach how to leave burnout and become and develop others into transformational heroes:

Fearless cause-driven leaders who wake each day to inspire, teach, and improve all they touch, no matter the cost. That’s you!

This immersion is based on the story of orphan Dr. John Foster as depicted in Dr. Kennedy’s textbook, The Surfer’s Journey. In that tale, the frustrated professional begins a dangerous journey on a mythological island to fight the inner monsters that keep him from being the healer he dreamed he would be. Surfing and Mother Ocean become his teachers and time, as he knew it, is forgotten. Sound familiar?

Howler monkeys, surfing, art, yoga, meditation, creative journaling, soul-burning sunsets, waterfalls, daily challenges, new friends, and personal coaching with Dr. Kennedy are the backbone of this free-flowing program.

Fun, challenging, and life changing. Join a limited group or create your own retreat, it’s time to paddle out and ride your perfect wave.

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