The Surfer’s Journey Program is a research based multi-modular curriculum and immersion that follows the theme and ten research-based principles of The Surfer’s Journey.  

For Attorneys

Although subject to change, the Surfer’s Journey Immersion Program as presented meets the criteria for 13 hours of Continued Legal Education and Certification (CLE) and is accredited for university and professional program encompassing burnout, leadership, and wellness. Sign up online or email for more information. 

DATES: June 7 – 14, 2020
Designed with legal professionals in mind, this intensive immersion retreat will guide participants towards a better understanding of:
  • How stress affects the professional judgment and activities of a legal professional
  • Why lawyers are more susceptible to stress and mental health issues, including how stress levels have increased
  • The impact of technology on increasing stress levels
  • Why health and well-being is essential to a good and successful legal practice
  • How clients are better-served by an attorney who is healthy in mind and body
  • The importance of wellness, including the resources available from the Bar, health profession, and other organized sources
The program will develop and share tools and strategies to:
  • Identify areas of life affected by work and stress
  • Plan goals and objectives for a balanced life and career
  • Incorporate physical activity into life’s work
  • Overcome and prevent stress in order to remain mentally healthy
  • Re-examine their practice to build a culture of well-being
The retreat combines physical activity, mental exercises, interactive sessions, and substantive discussions to achieve harmony and balance towards becoming the competent, successful, happy you you know you can be. Through this retreat, we will remember why we became lawyers, re-establish our ultimate goals, and find our individual pathways to success.


Fearless cause-driven leaders who wake each day to inspire, teach, and improve all they touch, no matter the cost. That’s you!


The program uses the tenets of surfing and transformational leadership to challenge and teach individuals to step beyond the confines of his or her present context to begin a journey to re-discover their natural nature and true calling.

A Key Difference

Most transformational leadership programs teach the student to change their behavior by saying and doing this and that, but never ask what they believe or what stirs their spirit. You and I know there is too many individuals going through the motions, paddling in the direction they’re told, and deaf to the subconscious scream. And the days pass.

Jade Retreat - Playa Guiones, Costa Rica Resort - Luxury Costa Rica Resort

Rather then telling and molding, The Surfer’s Journey program focuses on an experience-based inner journey of self-transformation to rediscovery of and develop of the beliefs of a driven visionary. 

The Core Intent

Physician and leadership professor Dr. Don Kennedy wrote the original text as a doctoral dissertation in the convention of the fables of mythological heroes. As required in phenomenological research, Dr. Kennedy, who left his medical practice as a result of burnout, traveled and surfed and became the character in the story which was published as The Surfer’s Journey: The Path to Transformational Heroship.

This one tenet of immersion in Nosara, Costa Rica, coupled with the ten principle-based activities, is the core intent of the program. This allows each individual the freedom to experience their own unique transformation then take that rebirth back to share, help, and teach others to do the same.

What Are You Waiting For? Paddle Out and Live! 

Summer 2020 Retreat: June 6-13th